Frequently Asked Questions

  • Lean: Smaller portions with proteins usually between 4-6 oz.
  • Bulk: Larger portions with proteins typically between 7-9 oz.
  • Red (Low Carb): Higher in proteins and fats, low in carbs.
  • Green (Active): Higher in proteins and carbs, low in fats.
  • Yellow (Breakfast): Balanced ratios of proteins, carbs, and fats, depending on the type of breakfast (e.g., pancakes, hashes).
  • Blue (Snack/Dessert): No specific macro ratio, but more nutritionally appealing than traditional snacks/desserts.
  • By the Pound: Order proteins, carbs, and veggies in 1 lb (16 oz) batches, with no limit on quantities.
  • Customs: Custom pre-portioned meals where you can choose your protein, carb, veggie, and sauces.
  • We strive to use organic products, but due to possible vendor or ingredient substitutions, we can’t guarantee every meal is fully organic.